How to use Instagram Live Rooms – It Help Creators Engage More

How to use Instagram Live Rooms – It Help Creators Engage More

The Instagram Live Rooms feature has been launched in India. Aimed at content creators in the country, the feature will facilitate greater audience engagement by allowing creators to post with up to three additional people, the company explained in a press release. According to the company, the first tests for this feature were conducted in India and it is also one of the first countries where the feature has been widely deployed. Instagram says that the Live Rooms feature has built in controls to keep the community safe.

“Creators are at the forefront of driving culture and creativity on Instagram and we are constantly innovating to help them express themselves better. From the launch of Reels, to testing and the launch of Live Rooms, India is playing a crucial role in the way products are designed for the future. ”Ajit Mohan, Vice President and General Manager, Facebook India said at the launch of Instagram Live Rooms function. Instagram says Live Rooms will be available to everyone in India and Indonesia soon.

How to use Instagram Live Rooms

To use Instagram’s live room feature, the user must use the platform to share photos and live videos. There are two ways to go live: tap the Plus sign at the beginning of the story tray, or swipe left from the main Instagram home screen. At the bottom of the screen, scroll through the options at the bottom and touch the Live camera option, then add a caption if you like, and tap the circular shutter button to go live.

Once you are live on Instagram, tap the Camera / Rooms icon to see the people who have requested to join your live. Search for the guest’s name and tap their name to send them a request to join the live session. Since Instagram Live Room allows you to add up to three guests at a time, you can choose to add others in a similar way.

Instagram Live Room feature gives creators more opportunities to expand their reach
Photo Credit: Instagram

According to the company, Instagram Live views in India grew 60 percent week-over-week in March. With the ability to go live with up to three guests, the Instagram Live Room feature gives creators more opportunities, like starting a talk show or podcast, or collaborating with other creators, to engage with their communities and expand their reach.

“This particular year has seen extensive use of Live and as the rules of physical distancing continue, Live will continue to be an invaluable feature in bringing friends, families and audiences together and fostering meaningful conversations,” added Mohan. Instagram says that the first trial for Live Rooms took place with some creators in India, including @shereenlovebug aka Shereen Bharwani, @ mr.mnv aka Manav Chhabra, and @rohina aka Rohina Anand Khira.


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