How to Use Virat Kohli AR Filter on Instagram and Facebook

How to Use Virat Kohli AR Filter on Instagram and Facebook

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is now available as an AR effect on Instagram and Facebook. This comes before the tour from India to Australia that will start in a few days until January. The AR effect has been titled ‘Bat Talk for India’ and essentially puts Kohli’s AR figure in his image. On Instagram, the effect is available on Virat Kohli’s profile within the effects tab. If you want to use the AR effect on Facebook, it is available in Virat Kohli’s post with the effect of his Facebook page.

The ‘Bat Talks for India’ AR filter will allow fans to recreate Kohli’s iconic celebration after filming a century against Australia nearly two years ago. India is scheduled to play four trials, three one-day internationals (ODI) and three Twenty20 internationals (T20I) in Australia, with the first ODI match of the series starting on November 27.

How to use the filters

To use the effect on Instagram, you will have to go to Virat Kohli’s Instagram profile and head over to the filters tab to see the AR filter ‘Bat Talks for India’. Once you click on the filter, an option to save it to your profile will be available at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on that option will save it to your Instagram camera. To use the filter, you’ll have to swipe left from the home page to open the camera and then look for the ‘Bat Talks for India’ filter next to the shutter button.

Tapping the filter will bring up a Virat Kohli AR avatar on your camera screen, overlaying the figure on your background. Users can then make a video or take a photo with the avatar creating different content to their liking. The avatar is seen cheering, and is essentially a representation of his joy after scoring a century against Australia about two years ago.

In Facebook, the effect is available in Virat Kohli Send with the effect of your Facebook page. Fans can access the effect through the post and use it within the Facebook camera.


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