Whatsapp status download | Two Ways to download whatsapp status

whatsapp status download

Today we talk about whatsapp status download. so read the full article. The most attractive feature that was introduced on social media platforms in 2017 is status or stories. Users can put small videos or images as a status/story, which disappears automatically after one day. If talks about WhatsApp, let everyone engage with thousands of … Read more

How to correct your damaged SD card

how to repair damaged sd card

Hi, friends. Welcome to our blog. Today I am going to tell you about How to correct your damaged SD card. In today’s world, most people use Android operating system based smartphones because you can extend the internal storage via micro SD card. But as much as it is profitable, there is also a disadvantage … Read more

How to use Whatsapp in your local languages

Whatsapp in your local language

Hi friends. Today I am sharing some tips on world largest messaging app whats app.so this post is about How to use Whatsapp in your local languages. In the past few years, Whatsapp has become the most important way of communicating with each other. With over 200 million active users, India is the largest market for … Read more

Payment Apps: WhatsApp vs PayTM vs Google pay

best payment app comparison

Hi everyone today I am doing compression between Payment Apps: WhatsApp vs Paytm vs Google pay. Competition in India’s Payment Apps is increasing since the country’s most popular App WhatsApp has stepped into it. WhatsApp is the only company bought by Facebook, which has over 20 million users in India. Recently, WhatsApp has launched its Payment Service. … Read more