How to Protect a word document with a password

how to password protect a word document

If you store sensitive information in Microsoft Word or other Office applications as part of your work, you might want to protect your word documents with a password. For instance, you might need to put a Word document with private information in a public folder so that other people can easily find it. In this … Read more

How to work on google docs offline

How to Use Google Docs Offline: Two Ways to Create, Edit Documents Without Internet

Google Docs is well-known for making documents that you can edit and share online. But did you know that there is also a way to use the service without being online? If you don’t have internet access and need to edit a document, you can always do it. Google Docs works even when you’re not … Read more

Mobile Network State Disconnected: How to fix the error

Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected

The “Mobile Network State Disconnected” error message will appear if you are using an Android phone. For Android users, this is a common problem. This issue might be caused by a variety of factors, but it prevents Android phones from accessing the internet through mobile data. Here, we’ll go through the mistake and provide you … Read more

How to send videos on Discord

How to send videos on Discord

Discord allows you to send videos, but it has some limitations. Here we have the three basic ways to send videos to Discord To bypass this limit. Discord basic plans allow you to send video files with 8MB of file size. The premium Nitro plan will enable you to send 50MB File size videos. It … Read more

How to Compress a Video on Your iPhone

How to Compress Videos on Your iPhone

Video Compress on iPhone is one of the most popular programs, and it’s simple to use. iPhones are often recognized as having some of the most excellent video cameras available. Even the most current iPhone 13 models feature improved cameras and the ability to capture cinematic video. While the video quality on an iPhone is … Read more