Huawei appeals against 5G network ban in Sweden

Huawei appeals against 5G network ban in Sweden

Huawei appealed against Sweden’s decision to exclude the Chinese telecoms equipment maker from 5G networks, Swedish telecoms regulator PTS said on Friday.

“What happens now is that we will send the appeal to the Stockholm administrative court. After that, they will deal with this case,” said a PTS spokesman.

Sweden last month prohibited Huawei and pairs ZTE from his 5G network, joining other European nations that have restricted the role of Chinese providers for security reasons.

“We believe that the decision that has been made is not good for the customers or for Sweden in general”, Kenneth Fredriksen. Huawei Executive Vice President of Central and Eastern Europe and Nordic Region, he told Reuters.

“Therefore, we want a Swedish court to examine whether the decision has been made through proper process and in accordance with the law.”

European governments have been tightening controls on Chinese companies building 5G networks following diplomatic pressure from Washington, which alleges that Beijing could use Huawei equipment to spy. Huawei has repeatedly denied being a national security risk.

PTS has awarded companies participating in the 5G spectrum auctions until January 1, 2025 to remove Huawei and ZTE equipment from their existing core infrastructure and functions.

The auctions are expected to start next week and benefit Huawei’s Nordic rivals. Nokia and Ericsson.


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