Instagram Introduces Three New Ramadan Stickers For Stories – How To Use Them

Instagram Introduces Three New Ramadan Stickers For Stories – How To Use Them

Instagram announced the arrival of three new stickers at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. These stickers symbolize different aspects of the fasting month such as ‘Iftar, which is the ceremony of breaking the fast at sunset. The new stickers will appear in the story tray which can be accessed by swiping up on the screen when creating an Instagram story. Instagram Stories using these new Ramadan stickers will be added in a multi-author story, shared at the front of the Stories tray.

Tara Bedi, Manager of Public Policy and Community Outreach, Instagram, Facebook India, aware of the new stickers on her Instagram. Three new stickers have been introduced representing unique moments in Ramadan. A sticker shows the Moon, which is important to mark the arrival of Eid at the end of Ramadan. A sticker showing juice and dates on a plate represents the ‘Iftar’ ceremony in which Muslims break their fast every day at sunset. The third sticker shows a mosque, a place of worship for all Muslims during Ramadan.

Instagram worked with Hala AlAbbasi, an illustrator from Bahrain, to create these three stickers. She was inspired by her favorite aspects of Ramadan and decided to reflect on the “beautiful moments we share together.” To use these stickers, open your Instagram stories tray by swiping up on the screen while creating a new story, and add your favorite of the three stickers. These stickers are affixed to the top of the story tray.

Users who use these stickers will appear in the multi-author Instagram story that will include all the stories celebrating Ramadan. This will show up on the front of the Stories tray.

Apart from these stickers, Instagram recently released a new Remix feature that allows users to record alongside an existing reel. Remix seems to rival TikTok’s popular Duets feature. It should be useful for capturing your reaction, replying to friends, or re-creating a trending video.


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