IOS 14.3 developer beta hints at Apple’s upcoming offerings

IOS 14.3 developer beta hints at Apple’s upcoming offerings

Apple has released the first iOS 14.3 developer beta that suggests a number of features for iPhone users. These include the ProRAW photo format for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, a new home app, and an option to consider Ecosia as a new default search option. The iOS 14.3 beta version also suggests Cardio Fitness notifications for Apple Watch users. Furthermore, the new beta version includes references to Apple’s rumored over-ear headphones, as well as the long-awaited AirTags.

How reported By 9to5Mac, the first iOS 14.3 developer beta offers the option to enable the ProRAW format. It can be accessed by going through Settings > Camera > Formats. Once enabled, a new RAW switch will be visible in the upper right corner of the Camera app. You only need to tap that toggle to enable or disable ProRAW for your photos.

It is important to note that ProRAW is limited to iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Basically, the format combines Apple’s computational photography and multi-frame image processing along with the traditional benefits of the RAW format. This helps improve image results and make editing easier.

Along with ProRAW, the first beta version of iOS 14.3 brings the new Home app that allows you to natively install software updates for third-party HomeKit accessories. This means that you will not be asked to access your HomeKit accessories dedicated app to install the latest updates on your iPhone. The experience is as natural as installing updates to HomePod via the Home app, 9to5Mac reports.

The iOS 14.3 beta version also includes Ecosia as the default search engine, along with existing options, namely Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. The new beta update also brings the ability to receive Cardio Fitness notifications through your Apple Watch. Apple had prompted Low Cardio Fitness notifications by the end of this year. However, you only need iOS 14.3 on your iPhone and watchOS 7.2 on your Apple Watch to get the latest experience.

With iOS 14.3, Apple also seems to have started suggesting third-party apps to users during the process of setting up a new iPhone. 9to5Mac claim that the latest beta code contains clear evidence of the new change.

Apple may not provide third-party app suggestions for all of its users globally and initially implement the change for limited markets. The code reportedly reads: “In accordance with regional legal requirements, please continue to view the applications available for download.” This can help the Cupertino company better negotiate ongoing antitrust and anti-competitive lawsuits.

The beta version of iOS 14.3 also includes an icon that suggests Apple’s on-ear headphones, 9to5Mac reports. The headphone icon was visible in a pairing video of the Find my app in the latest beta version, according to MacRumors contributing writer Steve Moser.

Apple had previously suggested its new headphones, rumored to be AirPods Studio, through two different icons available in an initial version of iOS 14. Those icons were available in black and white colors, suggesting the tones of the company’s rumored in-ear headphones.

If you look at the rumors, Apple was expected to introduce its on-ear headphones with a retro look and oval earmuffs. The headphones were scheduled to debut later this year, although there is no official announcement confirming its launch.

Along with the headphones, the iOS 14.3 beta also includes evidence of the existence of the AirTags. There is a hidden section in the Find My app with a codename “Hawkeye” which could be for AirTags, as well as third party tracking accessories including Tile, He says 9to5Mac.

Reportedly, the Find My app in the latest beta version of iOS displays a guide for users that allows them to set tracking tags on their accessories, such as bags, suitcases, and key rings, and find them directly through the Find My network.

Based on the details available through the Find My app code, users could track their AirTags and other tracking tags even when offline using Bluetooth connectivity. There could also be some sound alerts to find missing items that are connected with the tracking tags. Also, the code suggested that AirTags in particular could be connected to an Apple ID to improve security.

Details on the launch of AirTags have yet to be revealed. However, references available within the iOS 14.3 beta suggest that it could just be a matter of time before they are released.

Apple just seeded iOS 14.3 developer beta for testing purposes. However, it is not known when the new update will reach the general public.


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