IPhone 12 mini iFixit teardown reveals taptic engine and antennas in detail

IPhone 12 mini iFixit teardown reveals taptic engine and antennas in detail

The iPhone 12 mini made its way through the iFixit teardown process, mostly revealing the same internal design as other iPhone 12 models with a few key differences. The iPhone 12 series models are known to use similar internals, but some changes need to be made with the iPhone 12 mini due to its size. iFixit noted that the antennas were more asymmetrical on the iPhone 12 mini compared to the other iPhone 12 models. Also, the battery, taptic engine, and speaker are smaller compared to the iPhone 12.

While the disassembly process was practically the same for the iPhone 12 mini like the other iPhone 12 models, iFixit famous some differences that were made to fit the smaller size of the phone. The iPhone 12 mini comes with a 5.4-inch screen and measures 131.50 x 64.20 x 7.40 mm. The teardown showed that the antennas were more asymmetrical as they couldn’t be installed on the “small body phone,” as iFixit calls it, in the same way as the larger iPhone 12 models. The iPhone 12 mini screen was opened to the left, like iPhone 12, but it is connected with two display cables instead of three.

The teardown also showed that the battery, taptic engine, and speaker were smaller. Similarly, the earpiece, Face ID, and sensors on the top assembly were scaled down to fit the smaller iPhone 12 mini.

While the iPhone 12 comes with a camera module the same size as iPhone 12 Pro But without the LiDAR sensor, the iPhone 12 mini ditches the plastic spacer to make room for other components. In particular, the iPhone 12 mini has the same two cameras as the iPhone 12.

As for the battery, iFixit shared that the iPhone 12 mini’s battery is 8.57Wh, bigger than iPhone SE (2020) is 6.96 Wh. The iPhone 12 mini is limited to 12 W when charging wirelessly compared to 15 W for the other three models. However, all iPhone 12 models charge at the same 20W when charged with the cable.


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