IPhone 12 Models With Display Issues Can Be Fixed With iOS Update – Report

IPhone 12 Models With Display Issues Can Be Fixed With iOS Update – Report

Users of the iPhone 12 series have been experiencing display issues that as of now don’t seem to have a solution, according to Apple’s Communities page. Users have reported a greenish tint and flickering issues and these appear to be prevalent across all four iPhone 12 models. Apple has reportedly acknowledged this problem, though not publicly, and seems to believe that a software update can fix it. Apple also advised technicians not to repair an iPhone 12 model with these problems.

Users have taken Reddit, Apple Communities pageand other platforms to share the problem they have faced with the new iPhone 12 Models. They noticed a greenish tint to the screen, and according to a post on the Communities page, the green tint and flickering occur in dark environments with any brightness less than 90 or 100 percent. It was also pointed out that these problems are occurring with iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, and even the first two beta versions of iOS 14.3.

A report by MacRumors claims to have received access to a document provided to Apple Authorized service providers asking them not to repair iPhone 12 models that have these display problems. According to the report, Apple is aware of the problem and has asked technicians to inform customers to keep their iPhone models up to date. This suggests that Apple believes that these display issues can be resolved with a software update.

It should also be noted that not all iPhone 12 series users face these problems. Further, iPhone 12 Pro Max was recently submitted DisplayMate tests and received the ‘Best Smartphone Screen Award’ for equaling or setting 11 smartphone screen performance records. The test showed that the iPhone 12 Pro Max had the smallest change in color accuracy, the lowest screen reflectance, and the smallest brightness variation with viewing angle, among other characteristics.


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