ISRO launches PSLV-C49 with EOS-01 and nine other satellites

ISRO launches PSLV-C49 with EOS-01 and nine other satellites

India’s PSLV-C49, carrying its last EOS-01 Earth observation satellite and nine client satellites, lifted off from the spaceport here on Saturday. The polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV-C49 / EOS-01) took off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota at 3:12 pm at the end of a 26-hour countdown.

Takeoff was originally scheduled for 3:02 p.m., but was delayed 10 minutes due to debris in the vehicle’s path, ISRO said. This is the first mission of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) this year.

ISRO has put live broadcast of the launch on Twitter. The spatial organization also tweeted that all nine of the customer’s satellites were successfully separated and injected into their planned orbit.

EOS-01 is designed for applications in agriculture, forestry and disaster management support, ISRO said. Customer satellites are from Lithuania (1), Luxembourg (4) and the United States (4). ISRO said that customers’ satellites are being launched under a commercial agreement with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), Space Department.

Due to COVID-19, the launch viewing gallery remained closed during launch.


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