LG Reportedly Files Patent to Build Roll-Up Laptop

LG Reportedly Files Patent to Build Roll-Up Laptop

LG appears to have a roll-up laptop in the works that could offer a screen size of up to 17 inches. While the South Korean company has yet to make an official announcement, a patent application for the roll-up laptop has appeared online. The laptop also appears to have a foldable keyboard and trackpad for enhanced portability. LG is among the key manufacturers that have been developing roll-up displays for some time. However, companies like Oppo and TCL are also trying their luck with roll-up displays to build next-generation smartphones.

How reported by Root My Galaxy, the patent for the rollable laptop by LG It appears to have a screen that can be deployed between sizes 13.3 and 17 inches. Appears like a sound bar when unrolled. Also, the laptop is seen to have a power button on one of its sides, unlike any normal laptop that has a power button next to the keyboard.

The roll-up laptop also appears to hide the webcam when rolled up and comes with a tick display drum that can stand on its own, with no need for stands or attached keyboard stand.

LG’s roll-up laptop seems to come with a foldable keyboard and trackpad
Photo credit: Root My Galaxy

LG also seems to offer the keyboard and trackpad on the roll-up laptop that could fold in half. However, the given input hardware is considered to be of standard size, for ease of users.

Details on the roll-up laptop have not been confirmed by LG. It is quite possible that the patent could simply be related to a concept and not to a commercial product.

That said, LG displayed its capabilities to build an 18-inch rollable OLED display at CES 2016. The company also unveiled its 65-inch OLED UHD screen in January. That development helped bring a Rollable OLED TV last year.

LG is also in the rumor mill developing your roll-up smartphone That could come sometime next year. Rollable smartphone is said to be in the works with a codename “Project B”although it could be called LG Rollable. Earlier this week, Oppo further presented the Oppo X 2021 roll-up OLED screen phone concept.


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