Microsoft adds mouse, trackpad support for iPad in Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Microsoft adds mouse, trackpad support for iPad in Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Microsoft has added mouse and trackpad support for the iPadOS version of Microsoft 360, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft had announced that it would bring mouse support to the iPad earlier this year. The experience will be similar to anyone who has used Office on a Mac or PC, according to Microsoft. The update has started rolling out gradually and should reach all users in a couple of weeks.

A mouse or trackpad can be used with iPad to perform common tasks in Microsoft 360 applications, such as highlighting a passage of text in Word, selecting a range of cells in Standing outand move and resize graphics in Powerpoint. The tech company explained in a blog post that this update will help make the iPad more versatile and capable of doing more work.

Users can also make use of From Apple Magic Keyboard for smooth navigation and precise settings. Microsoft He said that as you move a finger across the Magic Keyboard’s built-in trackpad, the cursor transforms into the tool you need, depending on what content the pointer is on.

Mouse and trackpad support in Microsoft Office applications will make the experience of using an iPad more desktop-like and could increase the productivity of users who can get their work done more efficiently through this feature. .

Microsoft was also adding new splash screens and a new function menu ribbon for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad. This was being done to provide a cleaner and more modern user experience.

Multiple document support in Excel, powerful context menus, and offline file support for cloud files are some of the additional updates Microsoft plans to introduce in the coming months.

Microsoft panorama for iPad had received an update from last week, which provides support for dragging and dropping files and images between applications using Split View.


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