Microsoft Excel adds support for live custom data types

Microsoft Excel adds support for live custom data types

Microsoft Excel is adding support for custom live data types, allowing users to import their own data as a custom data type. A single cell value can now have a live connected set of information that you can incorporate into your decision-making process, without having to go back and forth to the original source to find more information. You can also take advantage of card view to see more information about that type of data and navigate to related information. Users will also be able to use the Power BI data ecosystem to create data types.

You can create your own data types, connecting directly to whatever data you want in Standing out, Microsoft Announced in a blog post. With Power Query, you can create queries and transforms to get the exact shape of the data you are looking for. When you import data into your spreadsheet, you will have the option of transforming that data into a data type. To create the custom data type, you can use any organization data source available from the Get Data menu: files, databases, online services, and more.

Organization data types Power BI it will also be available in Excel. Data types can use information from your company and organization, leveraging Power BI as an ideal source of authoritative data. The Power BI data ecosystem includes more than 140 data sources, centralized and controlled access, row-level security, and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels.

You can update your data types to get the latest information from Power Query and Power BI.

You can discover Power BI tables through the data type gallery, after which you can convert cells to data types. Once the cells have been converted to linked data types, you can extract additional information to work within your worksheets. If you enter a product name or code, for example, you’ll see additional information such as a description, price, and on-hand inventory, all within the card view. You can create an invoice in Excel using trusted, connected data that comes directly from Power BI.

The data types will also reduce the risks of errors, according to Microsoft. You don’t have to copy and paste, and you can import directly. For example, you can import the data type of a city and use a formula to refer to population = population A1. If the data type is updated, the results of the formula will also update. Instead of looking at a static number, you can also look at the formula and find out where the number came from.

Microsoft is also adding more than 100 new data types in Excel for personal or family subscribers to Microsoft 365. Users will be able to do things like track their nutrition information, research potential colleges, monitor stocks, learn chemistry, and more, using information from the service at Wolfram Alpha line. This will be available to preview for Office beta testers in the Insiders program.

Power Query data types are being rolled out and will be available in the coming weeks for all of Microsoft 365 / Office 365 subscribers in the coming weeks. The Power BI data type will be available to those who have a Power BI Pro service plan.


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