Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to Xbox Series S / X in Summer 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to the Xbox Series S / X in the summer of 2021. The development was shared at The Game Awards, as well as by Microsoft through an official post on its website. Microsoft Flight Simulator won the Best Simulator / Strategy Game award at the ceremony. The official post from Microsoft Flight Simulator boss Jorg Neumann states that console gamers can expect the same level of depth as PC gamers. While there is no exact release date, Microsoft did mention that the game will be available via Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

The game will come to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X in summer next year. Microsoft says it will have the same level of depth as the PC version. Xbox Series S / X players can also look forward to the DLC packs with the same theme and other enhancements seen on PC.  It is also working with external partners to bring peripherals to next-generation consoles to enhance the simulation experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator uses satellite data and cloud-based artificial intelligence to map the entire planet in great detail as you fly a variety of aircraft from one location to another. There are two million cities, more than 37 thousand airports, 1.5 billion buildings, real roads and mountains, and much more. At The Game Awards that recently ended, it won the Best Simulator / Strategy Game of 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available through Xbox Game Pass on launch day for Xbox Series S / X players. The game launched for PC in August and requires a robust setup for the best experience. It would be interesting to see how a game that can tax high-end gaming PCs fares on Xbox Series S / X.


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