Microsoft increases file upload size limit on OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint

Microsoft increases file upload size limit on OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint

Microsoft is increasing the upload file size limit for OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint from 100GB to 250GB. The company announced that support for 250GB file uploads will begin rolling out later this month and general availability is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The change is aimed at those who need to share large files or sets of files. data while they work. from home. Those who use OneDrive for personal use can also take advantage of the large file limit by uploading video albums, zip files with large PC games, and more.

Announcing the new file size limit, Microsoft It said it managed to increase it to 250GB by optimizing storage for upload performance. Each file is divided into chunks and each piece is encrypted with a unique key. On top of that, all files are backed up to Azure Storage, Microsoft said.

Users will be able to share large files that can contain 8K or 4K video, 3D models, large scientific data sets, research projects, and more, on OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint.

While the change will prove more useful for professions working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, OneDrive users can also use the 250GB upload size limit to upload large photos, video collections, zip files. and more. Microsoft assured users that only changes they make with their collaborators are synced, shortening the amount needed to sync.

Meanwhile, Microsoft recently started tests a news and interests widget on the taskbar to Windows 10. The widget will display the weather, news headlines, stock market information, and more. It is customizable. The new widget on the taskbar is currently rolling out for Windows Insiders with build 21286 in the dev channel. It is available to members in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, and the United States.


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