Microsoft may be planning a major visual overhaul for Windows: report

Microsoft may be planning a major visual overhaul for Windows: report

Microsoft appears to be planning a visual overhaul for Windows, a recent job listing on the company’s website suggests. Since then, the job posting has been modified a bit, but The Verge initially discovered the original requirement. The company has been planning to make visual changes to the Windows user interface for quite some time to make the experience more uniform and cohesive. However, as of now, it is unclear when these changes will be implemented, but the report indicates that it could happen this year.

A job offer For a software engineer at Microsoft’s career website, it initially needed someone who could “deliver a radical visual rejuvenation of Windows” to give it new life. According to the report from The Verge, the job posting read: “On this team, you will be working with our key platform, Surface, and OEM partners to orchestrate and deliver broad visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences to signal to our customers that Windows is RETURNED and to ensure that Windows is considered the best operating system experience for customers. ”The report indicates that these changes could be implemented this year.

As of now, the job posting has been modified and now says Microsoft is looking for someone to “orchestrate and deliver experiences that ensure Windows is a great user experience for our customers.” The applicant will have the opportunity to “create pleasant and perfect experiences for Windows”.

In March 2020, Windows 10 crossed the 1 billion monthly active users Mark and a design review was promised. It included changes to the start menu, icons, changes to the Files app, and more. Then in October, it was reported that a major update codenamed ‘Sun Valley’ was in the works and that it would bring a major overhaul of the user interface. It was expected to launch in the 2021 holiday season with changes to the Start Menu, Action Center, and File Explorer.

In November, it was reported that Microsoft is looking to bringing support for Android apps to Windows in 2021 and update the user interface to be modern and consistent.


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