Microsoft To Do app adds new task counting feature, general improvements

Microsoft To Do app adds new task counting feature, general improvements

Microsoft’s To Do app is receiving an update that brings new features and improvements. The update for Windows 10 includes a task count in addition to the completed bucket in user-created lists, to help keep track of completed tasks. Besides Windows 10, Microsoft has also released the update for Android and iOS. For Android, the update brings improvements in synchronization and for iOS, it improves the experience by adding Siri tasks. The update also fixes some bugs in the To Do app.

by Windows, the update is only available on the latest version of Windows 10 Microsoft to do application. The changelog for it says that the sections in the scheduled smart list will now show the task count in the section title. It also fixes some bugs related to keyboard focus and fixes an issue that was causing the app to crash. A visual task count has also been added alongside the completed bucket.

To Do is a Microsoft application for lists, tasks and reminders. Updating the application in Android has fixes to improve synchronization in To Do. The change log for From Microsoft update on iOS says it fixes some issues so users can have a smooth experience when adding Siri tasks. It also fixes some bugs related to the print functionality.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also remembered users that November 15 will be the last day to export data from Wunderlist to the To Do app. Wunderlist, a cloud-based task management application that was acquired by Microsoft in June 2015, will be closed on November 16, after which it will not be possible to export data.

The latest update to the Microsoft To Do app with all new features can be downloaded from the App store, Google play and Microsoft Store.


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