Microsoft will redirect Internet Explorer users to Edge for certain sites

Microsoft will redirect Internet Explorer users to Edge for certain sites

Microsoft will redirect users to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer when they try to access websites that are incompatible with the latter. Starting with Microsoft Edge Stable version 87 due out next month, users will be shown a unique dialog that explains why they are being redirected, after which their data will be imported into Edge. Microsoft is also testing a new feature to improve the startup time of the Edge browser. Called startup boost, the feature will launch a set of Microsoft Edge processes in the background, making Edge available more quickly once launched.

Users are redirected to Microsoft Edge since internet browser is part of the company’s plan to progressively reduce Internet Explorer 11. Among the more than 1000 sites of which users will be redirected are the most popular, such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo MailY Hotstar.

Once users consent to open sites in Microsoft Edge after being redirected, their browsing data such as favorites, passwords, search engines, open tabs, history, settings, cookies, and the home page will be redirected from Internet Explorer. to Microsoft Edge, along with your preferences.

When a site is redirected from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, the Internet Explorer tab that was trying to load the site will close, if it has no previous content. If you have active tabs, it will result in a Microsoft support for page that explains why the site was redirected to Edge. Microsoft noted that users can reuse Internet Explorer for sites that are supported.

Separately, the startup boost, the new feature Microsoft is testing, enable Microsoft Edge to get started faster when launched from the taskbar, desktop, and built-in hyperlinks in other applications. It will be an optional configuration in Microsoft Edge 88.

The Microsoft Teams web app will stop supporting Internet Explore at the end of next month, while the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will stop supporting the browser as of August 17, 2021.


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