Netflix May Add Sleep Timer Feature Soon – Report

Netflix May Add Sleep Timer Feature Soon – Report

Netflix could soon add a sleep timer to its service, starting with its app on Android. Although not much is known about the feature yet, the basic description suggests that the feature would allow users to set a duration for playback, after which Netflix would automatically stop playback. This would naturally be based on the message “Are you still watching?” feature that pauses playback after a period of inactivity, until the user prompts the application to continue and provides a more controllable service experience.

As reported by XDA Developers, a string of code was found in the v7.82.1 APK of the Netflix Android app that suggests such a feature might be on the way. The code doesn’t reveal much beyond the words ‘sleep timer button’ and it’s not even active as a function in the app, so it’s difficult to determine how it will work when it’s active.

This feature would also be relevant to a great extent if you have AutoPlay turned on, as it continuously plays content, such as TV show episodes, one after another. Putting a timer on playback would automatically turn off playback after a predetermined time, rather than relying on “Are you still watching?” feature that appears randomly. It would be particularly useful for monitoring children’s viewing time, as well as late-night binge sessions where they are likely to fall asleep in front of the screen.

The report suggests that such a feature is still a long way from being widely implemented as there is very little in terms of code at this stage. It’s also possible that such a feature will be shelved entirely in the meantime, but this suggestion is the first sign that Netflix is ​​at least thinking along these lines.

Netflix recently thrown out Netflix Direct, a linear offering similar to a television channel, starting with France. The service has a curated list of movies and TV show episodes, intended to function like a traditional linear TV channel, and appeals to users who don’t want to decide specifically what to watch. Although it is only available in France for now, the service could be available globally soon.


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