Never share these 6 things on Facebook

Hi everyone, today I am sharing the most important information about Never shares these six things on Facebook. If you are doing this, then stop doing this from today.

If you do not live under a rock, then you should know that Social Media has completely taken control of the lives of people whether you share a photo on Facebook or do a few tweets on Twitter. However, there are many things that you should not share on social media, or you do it inadvertently. You do not know who is watching or tracking the activities of your social media. So here we will tell in the list below what is the thing that you should not share on social media.

1. Date of Birth

If you think that sharing your entire Date of Birth on Facebook cannot create trouble for you, then you are wrong. Surprisingly, many people have their password of one or more of their date of birth. When you share your Date of Birth online, you are giving information that can be useful for hackers.

2. Your Location 

You may not know about this, but someone can follow you. By giving your location on Social Media, you are telling them your location on the click of a button. So be careful about this and do not share your locations on social media.

3. Your Adress 

Why share your Adress on social media? Anyone can reach the door of your house because you have shared your Adress Online.

4. Your Phone Number 

Social Media Site, especially Facebook, encourages you to share your phone number. And if you only want to give your phone number, then one thing must be done by going to your Privacy Settings to make Phone Number “Only Me”. No one else in this way, only you will be able to see your phone number – and you will have to know your phone number, is not it?

5. Vacation Plans 

What could be wrong with telling your friends that you are leaving for Europe? Think again. By disclosing your holiday plans, you are sending open invites to thieves to attack your house. Once you come back, you can post those wonderful pictures.

6. Anything you want

You went to the Reunion of your college or at a party, and you drank too much alcohol. Your friend clicked the photo and shared it on Facebook or Instagram. Do not share online if you do not see anything on your Friend List or any other person who is not on your Friends List. Or if a friend has shared it, then you request it to be removed.

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