Nokia OnePlus Phones Most Supported by Security Patches: Report

Nokia OnePlus Phones Most Supported by Security Patches: Report

HMD Global’s Nokia-branded phones lead research firm Counterpoint’s trusted ranking in 2020. Nokia phones have been praised for providing the most comprehensive software and security updates. The brand has the highest share of the portfolio recommended for business use. HMD Global upgraded a total of 20 Nokia-branded phones that were sold between Q3 2019 and Q2 2020 to the Android 10 operating system. OnePlus ranks second with seven phones upgraded to Android 10 sold in the same period. Counterpoint reports that Nokia-branded phones also lead in build quality, reportedly applying more stringent tests than the industry average.

The counterpoint report highlights that Nokia has the best performance when it comes to Android OS software version updates, while Alive seems to be the worst. Only 24 percent of Vivo phones sold between Q3 2019 through Q2 2020 were upgraded to Android 10. A large percentage of phones still remain on Android 9 Pie, and a significant portion is locked on Android Oreo as well. LG It’s not too far off with only 25 percent of phones sold at the same time receiving Android 10 operating system updates. Lenovo and Oppo They are also very inconsistent with their update strategy, with only 36 percent and 50 percent of phones getting the Android 10 update, respectively.

Huawei and Xiaomi more than 65 percent of phones sold between the same period run on Android 10, Counterpoint reports. Relatively, Samsung has more than 89 percent of phones running the Android 10 operating system, while Real me It is relatively better than Xiaomi with 73 percent of phones sold between Q3 2019 and Q2 2020 running Android 10.

Both Nokia and Nokia brand phones OnePlus Phones account for 100 percent of phones sold between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020 running Android 10. HMD Global has updated 20 eligible phones, while OnePlus has updated a total of seven phones to Android 10.

Counterpoint reports that HMD Global has also been consistent with security patches, with all phones sold between Q3 2019 and Q2 2020 receiving regular monthly updates. OnePlus lags a bit behind with a 90 percent frequency in deploying monthly patches. Samsung is reported to be extremely poor with security patches with only a 22 percent monthly rate recorded. Oppo ranks as the most inconsistent when it comes to security updates.

In addition to consistency in software and security updates, Counterpoint notes that Nokia phones undergo tougher testing than the industry average. “When considered alongside the fastest software and security updates, the robust build quality means Nokia phones will last the test of time, which is increasingly important at a time when global device replacement cycles they are getting longer, now approaching 30 months, “said associate director Tarun Pathak says.


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