OnePlus 8T closed beta program started for initial testing

OnePlus 8T closed beta program started for initial testing

OnePlus 8T users have been offered the opportunity to test new builds and OxygenOS features before its public release by joining its Closed Beta program which was released for a limited number of people. Although the Closed Beta program allows OnePlus 8T users to receive early versions and communicate directly with OnePlus staff, it sometimes requires updating new versions that could cause data loss. Since users are receiving the new versions and features for testing, they may face some hiccups or issues.

the OnePlus 8T The OxygenOS Closed Beta program is open to 200 people. Each member of the program will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with OnePlus to maintain absolute secrecy about the new offers they get in beta testing.

In terms of eligibility, you must have a OnePlus 8T smartphone and be an active member in the OnePlus community forums to participate in the closed Beta program. You will also be asked to contact OnePlus staff for comments and bug reports. This will be done through Slack.

“The closed beta program is an opportunity for us to hear your feedback and refine or revise our product strategy based on that. It also helps us find major bugs at an early stage and release more stable Open Beta and MP (official) versions, ”the company said. wrote in a forum post announcing the closed Beta program for OnePlus 8T.

If you’d like to help OnePlus fix bugs and improve the experience before it’s available for Open Beta and public versions of OxygenOS, you can apply online by completing a survey form. The company will communicate if it is eligible and is within the 200 person window.

This is, of course, not the first time OnePlus brings a Closed Beta program for its latest smartphone. In fact, Closed Beta programs are part of the company’s software development cycle that help develop new versions of OxygenOS and bring new features to the public.


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