OnePlus Brings 7 New Features to OxygenOS: Details

OnePlus Brings 7 New Features to OxygenOS: Details

OnePlus is updating its OxygenOS with a list of new features from users through its IDEAS 2.0 platform. The list of new features includes a frame per second (FPS) counter, separate volume controls for media and notifications, lock screen customizations, wireless file transfer between PC and phone, and the ability to keep some of battery backup. OnePlus received more than 7,300 suggestions from its more than 5,400 active community members in three separate rounds of IDEAS 2.0 that launched in September.

Of the total suggestions you received, OnePlus have selected up to seven ideas to bring to the future OxygenOS updates.

The first new feature at the top of the wish list of OnePlus users is an FPS counter in Game Space. This will allow users to see the frame rate at which a game is running on the phone. OnePlus said I had been working on the FPS counter for some time and could prepare it in a future system update.

In addition to the FPS counter, OnePlus is adopting a user request to bring separate volume level controls for each app, similar to Samsung’s One UI. The company famous which would initially separate the volume controls for media and notifications. The new offer is scheduled for next year.

OnePlus has also agreed to offer lock screen customizations. “We have been working on the possibility of customizing components such as AOD and the lock screen. As this is an integral part of the entire OS plan, it takes longer to implement, ”the company said.

Another user suggestion received through IDEAS 2.0 that OnePlus is embracing is support for wireless file transfer from PC to phone and vice versa. The company said it had been working on solutions to improve user experience of file transfer between OnePlus phones and PC for some time.

OnePlus is also bringing a feature like Power Diet that would allow users to keep some battery life in reserve for scenarios where it is not possible to charge the phone. In addition, the company is optimizing dark mode with options like enhanced, weaker, and smoother dark mode. Also has decided to bring a feature to enable partial screenshots in OxygenOS.

Although OnePlus hasn’t provided any concrete timelines for the new features, some of them are likely to be available through OxygenOS updates sometime next year.

Other notable suggestions OnePlus received during IDEAS 2.0 include a desktop mode, hole-punch camera notification alerts, and fingerprint customizations. However, its implementation is not being considered at this time.


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