Oppo AR Glasses, Concept Phone to launch on November 17

Oppo AR Glasses, Concept Phone to launch on November 17

Oppo AR glasses are set to be unveiled on November 17 alongside a new concept of AR phone and apps. The company is hosting a dedicated Oppo Inno Day 2020 event in China, and has now confirmed that the AR glasses will be released then. The IoT product has been teased on a poster and appears to be like the sunglasses you wear. The Oppo AR glasses will likely be integrated with a series of sensors to allow an immersive experience for users. In addition to AR glasses, Oppo has also teased the arrival of a concept phone, which can see innovation on the screen.

The company has adopted Weibo to announce that it will present the Oppo AR glasses during its Inno Day 2020 event on November 17. The teaser poster has a photo of the glasses and shows that the Oppo AR glasses have a similar look to sunglasses. There is a metal frame around the edges and additional black curtain frames to block out surrounding distractions. You should be looking to offer an immersive experience, and the Weibo post says (translated): “Sit 10 feet away and enjoy the immersive experience of a large 90-inch screen.”

At the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event on November 17, the company is also looking to unveil a phone concept. the Weibo teaser suggests that it seems to offer an innovative version of the screen. A partial look at the phone is given and it is seen to sport curved edges. It could be a folding phone with a clamshell-like folding screen, or the one offered in the Galaxy Fold range. In any case, this will be just a concept phone and is not expected to be released commercially.

Apart from these products, Oppo also troubled the arrival of an AR application for spatial computing that seeks to offer interesting overlapping views in the virtual world. More details on this should also be provided during the event on November 17.


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