Releases Live Video Captions For Zoom Calls Releases Live Video Captions For Zoom Calls

Otter.AI has released live video captions for Zoom calls. Zoom users will now be able to reduce the chances of miscommunication during conference calls and webinars as has implemented a live video captioning feature that displays all spoken words as captions at the bottom of the screen. Available to Otter for Business users and subscribers of Zoom Pro or higher, the feature is based on Otter Live Notes that was released to Zoom subscribers in April of this year. Live Notes provided a transcript of the calls in Otter, but the live captions make it part of the calls as well.

According to a press ad, Live Video Captioning feature in Zoom not only helps mitigate issues caused by miscommunication during calls, but also helps organizations comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessibility requirements.

“Live video captions are another feature that makes Otter Live Notes a must-have business communications and collaboration product. eliminates the significant problem of remote work communication miscommunication, increasing the productivity and efficiency of organizations, ”said Sam Liang, CEO and founder of Live Video Captioning feature converts words spoken during Zoom video calls, webinars or virtual meetings into readable text and displays it at the bottom of the screen. In this way, users can read a transcript while also listening to the speaker. It could help minimize miscommunication, especially in the event of a network failure during the call.

To convert spoken words to text, uses the Otter Live Notes tool that thrown out for Zoom subscribers in April of this year. With Live Notes active, the live captions will also be transferred as a transcript in the Otter Live Notes web browser tab. The company says the function aims to “support international organizations that use English as an official business language.” live video caption feature is somewhat similar to Google Live Caption It automatically subtitles the speech of the media that is played on the user’s device. The function proves useful in noisy environments and is available for the English language. Recently, Google also inserted subtitles for voice and video messages on Google Duo. However, the feature is slightly different from Live Caption, as it only applies to recorded voice and video messages, and not to live video calls.


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