Payment Apps: WhatsApp vs PayTM vs Google pay

Hi everyone today I am doing compression between Payment Apps: WhatsApp vs Paytm vs Google pay. Competition in India’s Payment Apps is increasing since the country’s most popular App WhatsApp has stepped into it. WhatsApp is the only company bought by Facebook, which has over 20 million users in India. Recently, WhatsApp has launched its Payment Service. This facility is operated by UPI and has so far been limited to 1 lakh users across the country.

Before knowing the differences in the three apps, let see about all three apps.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp was Launched by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in January 2009. As you know, WhatsApp is an Instant Messaging and Social Media Site. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 19.3 billion in February 2014 (about 1, 25, 000 crores).

PayTM: PayTM was started by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2010. This is an e-commerce and e-payment brand of India.

Google pay: The newest Google from all three is Google pay. It was started by Google on September 19, 2017. This is a Mobile Payment Service.

Differences between WhatsApp, PayTM and Google Pay

1. Limit the transaction using UPI Transfer 

Both PayTM and Google pay have a limit of 1 million.

PayTM: More than 1 million more.

Google pay: Over 1 Million More Than |

WhatsApp: Allows as much as the bank.

2. Cashback Offers 

PayTM and Google pay allow Cashback to your users. WhatsApp does not allow Cashback for its users.

PayTM: gives Cashback.

Google pay: offers Cashback.

WhatsApp: does not offer Cashback

3. Train Ticket Booking 

This feature is available only to PayTM users.

PayTM: Train tickets can book.

Google pay: Can not book Train Ticket.

WhatsApp: Can not book Train Ticket.

4. Flight Ticket Booking 

PayTM and Google pay provide this facility.

PayTM: Can book Flight Ticket.

Google pay: Can book Flight Ticket.

WhatsApp: Can not book the Flight Ticket.

5. Gift Cards 

This feature is only available in PayTM.

PayTM: Gift Cards are available.

Google pay: Gift Cards are not available.

WhatsApp: Gift Cards are not available.

6. Audio Command 

Only Google pay gives this feature.

PayTM: Audio Command is not available.

Google pay: Audio Command is available through Google Assistant. With this feature, users can send money with the help of Audio Command.

WhatsApp: Audio Command is not available.

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