Pencil-Sized Samsung S Pen Pro Stylus Released Along With Galaxy S21 Series

Pencil-Sized Samsung S Pen Pro Stylus Released Along With Galaxy S21 Series

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the first phone in the Galaxy S series to offer stylus support. This phone does not come with a stylus slot, but a separate S Pen can be purchased for on-screen use. Along with the new phones, Samsung also introduced the S Pen Pro, a larger stylus-sized model of the S Pen that is more comfortable to use and hold. This works with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, but because it is larger than the S Pen, it will not be possible to store it inside the new case.

S Pen Pro pricing and availability details have not been announced and are expected to be available later this year. Samsung It hasn’t offered any details on the exact size of the S Pen Pro, but it is much larger than the new S Pen unveiled alongside the Galaxy S21 Ultra. While this provides a lot of conveniences to use than the smaller S Pen, it also means that it cannot be inserted into the case and store it could be a problem.

S Pen Pro supports Bluetooth, which means you can use aerial actions, use it as a camera shutter, or change music. S Pen Pro may not only support the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra, but also other S Pen compatible devices running on One UI 3.1. This means it will work in the Galaxy Note 10 Serie, Galaxy Note 20 Serie, Galaxy Tab S6and Galaxy Tab S7 Models.

The regular S Pen is priced at $ 40 (roughly Rs. 2,900) as a separate accessory, and with the case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it’s priced at $ 90 (roughly Rs. 6,500). The S Pen Pro is likely to be priced higher than that. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first non-Note Samsung device to support the S Pen. The company has reportedly confirmed that more Galaxy models in the future will come with S Pen support.


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