Plague Inc: The Cure Expansion Free Until COVID-19 Is Under Control

Plague Inc: The Cure Expansion Free Until COVID-19 Is Under Control

Plague Inc., a mobile strategy game about infecting the world, has a new mode called ‘The Cure’ and it’s free until COVID-19 is under control. This game mode is the complete opposite of what the base game offers, as it involves saving the world from a global pandemic, rather than infecting it. The developers have worked with global experts for this expansion, which is the largest yet according to the team. Plague Inc. is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The cure is an expansion of Plague Inc. that was launched in 2012 and developed by Ndemic Creations. The game was originally based on the concept of ending human life by spreading a pathogen globally. Use realistic simulations to make the experience more interesting and challenging. The Cure, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of the original idea, as it involves saving the world by stopping a deadly global pandemic. You’ll have to allocate resources, make masks mandatory, implement lockdowns, and try to develop a vaccine.

Players must dispatch research teams around the world to find Patient Zero, monitor the rate at which the virus spreads, and manage tests accordingly. They will have to use different means, such as contact tracing, blockades and border closures to limit the spread. Players will also have to make people adhere to lockdown and quarantine rules, and implement policies to boost community support.

The Cure has been developed with the help of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coalition for Innovations in Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).

“From contact tracing to vaccine development and manufacturing, Plague Inc: The Cure encapsulates the complexities of a response to a global pandemic and highlights the importance of international collaboration to address such a threat,” said Richard Hatchett, CEO. of CEPI.

The developers have said that the game will be free for all players until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control for both Android and ios users.

“Games like Plague Inc: The Cure represent an incredibly important medium for education and public awareness that can be used to show the world the steps necessary to address similar global health threats and their associated complexities,” added Hatchett.


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