PlayStation 5 hits the market ready to battle with Xbox Series S / X

Sony’s PlayStation 5 went on sale Thursday, just two days after rival Microsoft launched its newest Xbox, with next-gen consoles vying for dominance over the holiday season as the pandemic fuels demand for games.

With pre-orders pointing to a record launch, market leading Sony has exclusive high-priced games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales to maintain the advantage over its American rival.

With coronavirus Cases increasing in many countries, launch events are off the table, and crowds of eager customers are out of the question.

While the new Xbox will hit stores around the world on Tuesday, PS5 is available starting Thursday in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, North America and South Korea, but players elsewhere will have to wait until November 19. Sony has not announced any release date for the PS5 in India.

In Sydney, only a handful of customers were picking up their reserved consoles Thursday morning.

“It’s COVID so I guess not many people want to rush to a pitch,” Theo Pasialis said as he picked up his Play station.

Jonathan De Botton, a customer, said the atmosphere was a world away from the PS4 launch, when lines of customers stretched out to a shopping mall food court.

Today was “completely different,” he told AFP.

“It was a midnight pitch … It was a good time,” he added.

Today, by comparison, it was “a kind of ghost town.”

Consoles go on sale with the pandemic, creating a massive increase in demand for games from people stuck at home looking for a distraction or a way to pass the time.

It’s not yet clear how long that boom will last, and this week’s news of the progress of a virus vaccine sparked a sell-off of the gaming sector on stock markets as investors anticipated a return to normal life.

the lion’s share

For Sony, the stakes for its new console are significantly higher than for Microsoft As the game generates most of the Japanese company’s profits and about a third of its sales.

By comparison, games account for only 10 percent of Microsoft’s sales.

But Sony’s margin on the PS5 will be narrow, possibly even at a loss, analysts say, and the company will rely on online game sales, services and subscriptions to turn a profit.

Sony expects to sell 7.6 million PS5 consoles by the end of March, outperforming the PS4.

And it will be largely dependent on the US market to achieve this, with Japan’s video game market more focused on mobile devices and still dominated by Nintendo said Serkan Toto, an analyst at Kantan Games.

“You are talking about a relatively small market in Japan … which is pushing Sony to centralize the PlayStation business in one area, and that area is the United States,” he told AFP.

Toto said he expected the PS5 to outperform the PS4.

“I think PlayStation 4 was so successful that Sony has cultivated a much larger fan base for PlayStation content,” he said.

PlayStation 5 is priced at Rs. 49,990 in India, while the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is priced at Rs. 39,990. In comparison, the US price of the PlayStation 5 is set at $ 499.99 (approximately Rs 36,700) and the PlayStation 5 digital edition at $ 399.99 (approximately Rs 29,400).

That’s more than the $ 300 price tag (roughly Rs. 22.3 billion rupees) for the less powerful at Microsoft. Xbox Series S, which does not have a disc player either.


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