PlayStation 5 users experience a ‘queue to download’ error: report

PlayStation 5 users are experiencing an error that prevents them from downloading certain games and applications. This bug causes games and apps to get stuck in ‘Queue to download’ or in an error state, according to a report. This seems to happen when a product download is set up for the first time. What’s even more frustrating than not being able to download a game is that the PS5 library shows you own the game, but the PS5 store says no.

According to a report by IGN citing users and their own staff, Playstation 5 has been affected by its first error right after launch. Users have reported that their games and applications are stuck in ‘Queue for download’ or showing a download error. This happens when an item is first set to download, and in this case the Downloads menu shows nothing. This prevents users from downloading the game or canceling the game to try to download it again.

The PS5 game library shows you already have the game or app, but the PS5 store shows you need to buy it.

IGN mentions that many user reports claim problems with the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, although the PS4 version of the game downloads without any problems. Other users have reported issues with Godfall, Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man Remastered, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the Disney + app.

Reportedly, users who contacted Activision Regarding the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War issue, they were asked to factory reset their console and that fixed the issue. But it would not be possible for all users to completely clear their PS5 storage in order to download these games. There seems to be no other solution in sight. We as contacted Sony to clear up this error and we will update this report when we hear from you.


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