Pokémon Go update launches on November 30, level cap increased to 50

Pokémon Go update launches on November 30, level cap increased to 50

Pokemon Go is set to get an update that will bring a new Seasons feature and add new Pokemon from the Kalos region. Trainers who have reached level 40 will also be able to climb to level 50 and earn the bragging rights of being the first to do so. Game developer Niantic has also made several changes to make leveling easier by making adjustments to the way XP is earned in the game. The update is called Go Beyond and will be released on November 30.

In its blog post, Niantic announced that Pokemon go You will receive a new Go Beyond update on November 30. This will change things up for professional players who have already reached level 40. These users will now have the opportunity to level 50 and be the first to do so. Game makers have also made adjustments to the leveling mechanism, giving users more ways to earn XP. Niantic notes: “You’ll get more XP by catching Pokémon, evolving Pokémon, hatching Eggs, registering new Pokedex entries, and more. In some cases, the XP earned will be up to double what it was before, so it will be easier than ever for Trainers to catch up with their higher-level friends! ”

Niantic too detailed what challenges users must face at each level after age 40. The Go Beyond update will also bring a new feature called Seasons. With this, players can expect to see a new season (winter, spring, summer and fall) every three months. The new seasons will bring changes as different Pokémon that appear more frequently in the wild, hatching from Eggs and appearing in raids. Also, different Pokémon will appear in different regions.

The blog says: “In Season 1, Winter-related Pokémon will appear in the wild in the Northern Hemisphere, while Burmy, Darumaka and other summer-related Pokémon will appear in the wild in the Southern Hemisphere. You may also notice other differences in the Pokémon that you can find in the wild. “Additionally, in-game events will also have a theme based on the season in which they occur.

New Pokémon from the Kalos region, the region where Mega Evolution was first discovered, will also make their debut. These new Pokémon will begin to appear from December 2. Additionally, Niantic will also host a 12-day friendship event in the run-up to the big update for players to earn additional bonuses and more.


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