PUBG Facts: 10+ Interesting PUBG Facts

In the world of online gaming, PUBG Game has made a place in all people; if you are playing online games, you will be familiar with PUBG Game. If you play PUBG game, you must read this article carefully as in this article, we will tell you about 10 + Interesting PUBG Facts related to PUBG Game.

Top 10 Interesting PUBG Facts

If you are a fan of PUBG Game, then you may already know about some of the PUBG facts mentioned in this article, but there are some other facts which you may not know about the game pubg. Now let start.


We all know that PUBG’s full name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but you know this game is Inspire from “Battle Royal” Japanese Movie. You’ll find many weapons shown in the movie, you’ll see in the game.

2.Blue Zone

If you play pubg, then you will know about the Blue Zone. While playing pubg, we have to avoid and stay in the Blue Zone, which brings pubg players closer. Initially, this Blue Zone was going to be square, but it would have been easy for the square player, and there was a lot of trouble during its coding, so the blue line was spherical.

In the pubg game, blue zone IDEA has been taken from the Soviet Union’s army. The Soviet Union’s army used to disperse the islands’ intruders to spread the electricity through the land through current machines. Did you know these pubg Facts?

3.Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Tying up to the end in the game and winning the match is very exciting in itself. If you win a Pubg Game, you get to see the message ” Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. ” This message you will able to see in many games.

This message, ” Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,” has been used abroad since ancient times, used to play games played with money in the old-time, and used to win it, then used to express their happiness using this line.

4.Earning & Revenue

Apart from being very popular after the launch of this game, it also broke many records in earnings. Still, many pubg players have a question in their mind about how the game earns because of this game. It is available free at the Play Store, and it is not available to view any advertisement.

This game has to be purchased to play on the computer. This is the first thing to earn. In the game, you can find many products for the player who can buy it by paying. Many pubg players buy these products, and pubg earns money. Do you consider it as the best pubg facts?

5.Pubg Records

This game has created and broke many records after the launch. Some fantastic records related to this game are given below.

  • This game has more than 10 million people playing online every day throughout the world.
  • The game had crossed the 100 million players after four months of launch.
  • Pubg Game has received many awards, such as – Best Multiplayer Award, PC Game of the Year, Action Game of the Year, etc.
  • Its name comes to the best of the world’s best 05 games. After some time, this game can be the top.
  • The game earned 11 million dollars only after 03 days of launch.


While playing this game, players are deployed on a GPS map. The map is designed by the game’s creator Brendan Greene, and the plan is derived from the name Erangel Iris, the word Eirinn, which means Ireland and Irish. The terms of Brendan Greene’s daughter have also been used in the name of the map.

7.Pubg Advertisement

Most of the money in the world is spent on advertising. Many online games, applications, etc. deliver their product through advertising, but you will be surprised to know that the company that created the pubg game has not spent a rupee on pubg advertising.

8.PUBG Gameplay

We can easily record the Gameplay of any game but do you know pubg games can record 3D cinematic Gameplay if you play on a computer. This feature can be seen in a minimal game. You can watch the cinematic Gameplay of this game on YouTube.

9.virtual Bandana

In the pubg game, you see many things that we use for our game characters such as clothes, hats, etc. But do you know that a virtual bandana in the game is a garment that only got game pre-orderers? Many people have spent up to $ 1000 to buy that virtual bandana clothes!.

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