Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra May Offer Upgraded Display Over Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra May Offer Upgraded Display Over Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could offer an improved screen viewing experience compared to Galaxy S20 Ultra by offering an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz with WQHD + resolution. A video has also been posted on YouTube suggesting the presence of One UI 3.1 on the Galaxy S21 series along with some preloaded features from the S Pen, specifically for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. These seem to include Air View and Air Command that have received high praise on the Galaxy Note series so far. Samsung’s Over the Horizon 2021 theme ringtone created for Galaxy S21 models has also leaked online.

An insider, who goes by the pseudonym Ice universe on Twitter, has shared a screenshot suggesting the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to enable WQHD + resolution and adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hz simultaneously. This is different from Galaxy S20 Ultra It does not support adaptive refresh rate when switching to high-end resolution option. The existing phone can instead turn on the refresh rate of 120Hz when using Full-HD resolution and moves to the default rate of 60Hz once it is switched to WQHD +

Samsung inserted a variable refresh rate that moves dynamically from a minimum of 10 Hz to 120 Hz with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The same experience is likely to be provided to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, it is important to note that switching to a higher resolution along with a smoother refresh rate could negatively affect battery life.

Simultaneous support for adaptive refresh rate with WQHD + resolution is expected to be limited to the Galaxy S21 Ultra as the standard. Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + are reported to have a Full HD screen.

In addition to updating the refresh rate, a YouTube channel called Jimmy is Promo has posted a video suggesting the inclusion of One UI 3.1 in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The new interface is expected to be part of the Galaxy S21 series with some exclusive features over those of A 3.0 user interface, that is to say, already deploying for other Galaxy phones.

The video suggests several possible features of the S Pen, including the screen-off note, Air View, Air Command, and a floating icon that could be limited to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung already suggested holder for S Pen on the new smartphone, and the same was also indicated by an FCC list. The phone may not have dedicated space for the S Pen, but some cases are rumoured to debut with space for a compatible stylus.

Along with the functions of the S Pen, the video shows a multi-camera recording function that could also be part of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It will likely display images from all three cameras on the phone, possibly using the triple ISP matrix of the Snapdragon 888 SoC. Samsung Speculated to Bring Galaxy S21 Series to Global Markets with Exynos 2100 SoC which can also have a similar function to allow live views from three different camera sensors.

The video also highlights some of the features that could be part of the entire Galaxy S21 series. These include background video calls, focus enhancer, and eye comfort protector. The new One UI is also likely to have the ability to allow clipboard data syncing between Galaxy phones and tablets. Initially, it could be limited to Samsung Internet and Notes, although it could expand to other pre-loaded applications over time.

Samsung may also offer an option to replace Google Discover with Samsung Free in One UI 3.1, as the video suggests.

Additionally, a separate video appeared on YouTube, claiming to give us a first look at Samsung’s Over the Horizon 2021 theme song. It could be part of the Galaxy S21 series and be heard while the new phones are powered up. The new theme could be based on musical melodies, unlike last years Over the Horizon theme which was inspired by the sounds of nature.

Samsung is hosting its Galaxy Unpacked 2021 at January 14 where it is expected to officially unveil the Galaxy S21 models. However, some new rumours and leaks are likely to emerge in the meantime.


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