Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra tilted to come with S Pen holder

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra tilted to come with S Pen holder

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is rumored to be one of the Galaxy S21 series phones, could come with S Pen support. A known insider has shared on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is confirmed to come with S Pen support. However, no further details were shared. The South Korean tech giant has yet to officially share any information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Galaxy S21 series. If the last tip turns out to be true, the future of the Galaxy Note series may become uncertain.

Known tipster Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is ‘100 percent’ confirmed to come with support for the S Pen. It’s unclear what “support” really means here: whether the phone will come with an S Pen slot like the Galaxy Note series, or whether the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be able to make use of the S Pen’s low-latency inputs. Until now, Samsung has left S Pen support only for its Galaxy Note series.

A report SamMobile mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with an under-display digitizer so it can capture inputs from the S Pen. If this turns out to be true and if the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with S Pen support, the differences between the Galaxy S flagship line and the Galaxy Note flagship series will be even minor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was tip recently to present a 2K resolution screen also known as QHD + with 120Hz refresh rate. SamMobile’s report notes that these screen specs could be the reason Samsung decided to add a digitizer to the phone, as this would offer an even better experience for stylus users, compared to a 1080p 120Hz screen.

This is not the first time that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has been proposed to come with S Pen support as in August, a Korean post reported the same.


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