Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with an S Pen, single hinge design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with an S Pen, single hinge design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (not the official name) has been in the news once again and this time a report claims that the phone will come with an S Pen. According to the report, Samsung filed a patent for it in April. The patent also outlines in detail Samsung’s plan to make future folding phones compatible with the S Pen. Interestingly, the new 56-page documentation sketches show a single hinge design for the folding mechanism, as opposed to the recently discovered double hinge design.

Samsung allegedly filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for a foldable device with an S Pen. The picture, like reported from LetsGoDigital, shows a foldable phone with a mechanism similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, with a slot for the S Pen on one of the folding panels. The S Pen can fit in the upper left corner of the phone or in the lower right corner. The S Pen appears to have a similar design to that seen with Galaxy Note 20 Serie.

LetsGoDigital, in collaboration with designer Jermaine Smit, shared some unofficial concept versions of the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3 with an S Pen. According to the renders, the S Pen is located at the bottom right of the phone, next to the USB Type-C port. The report also adds that the patent mentions an ‘electromagnetic resonance stylus’, but it is speculated that Samsung could use the Active Electrostatic Solution (AES) instead. The reason behind this is that electromagnetic resonance (EMR) works fine with a normal screen like the Galaxy Note 20 series, but it wouldn’t work optimally with the folding screen on Galaxy Z Fold 3. AES, on the other hand, works fine. with ultra-fine glass.

Recently, another report cited product sketches from a patent filed with the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), showing a dual-hinge design and three folding screens for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. That sketch did not include an S Pen but did have a keyboard slider with touch sensitive keys.

It should be noted that the renders shared by LetsGoDigital are not official. Samsung has also not officially shared any information about the Galaxy Z Fold 3.


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