Samsung plans to expand the price range of folding smartphones: report

Samsung plans to expand the price range of folding smartphones: report

Samsung plans to expand the price range of folding smartphones, according to a report. The company disclosed this in its conference call for the quarter, adding that it will continue to strengthen its portfolio in the foldable category in 2021. Given that currently available foldable phones from Samsung are priced higher, a wider price range for future foldable phones could make them more affordable.

According to a report Per The Elec, Samsung said that although foldable smartphones account for very little in total smartphone sales, it will continue to grow the category every year.

The South Korean tech giant also revealed that it expects sales and profitability to decline in the fourth quarter of 2020, due to intensifying competition for year-end sales. From Samsung However, operating profit was reported to be the highest in two years and sales the highest in a quarter.

Meanwhile, according to a recent report, Samsung’s next foldable phone will come with an S Pen. The report says Samsung filed a patent for it in April and outlines Samsung’s plans to make future foldable phones compatible with the S Pen.

The Samsung W21 5G foldable phone, on the other hand, will be thrown out in China on Nov. 4 according to an insider. It is likely to be identical to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was launched in China previously but is linked with China’s telecom operator for 5G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Fold It was launched in February of last year and is priced at Rs. 1,19,499. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 meanwhile, it was launched last month and is currently available at Rs. 1,49,990.


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