Shanghai is the world’s first city with 5G Network coverage

Shanghai is the world’s first city with 5G Network coverage

Shanghai Has 5G Network

Shanghai has claimed that its become the world’s first Place with 5G coverage and broadband connectivity and network. In the case of China Next Generation mobile network, it is trying to outwit America and other countries. 5G is the next generation of cellular mobile technology, which gives 10-100 times faster speeds than the current 4G network.   According to China Daily, 5G coverage in Shanghai and Broadband Gigabit Network has been created. Successful trial of 5G has been completed and officially this service was started on Saturday in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Here, the 5G base station has been built three months ago.   

World First Video Call With 5G

Huawei Mate X

  On the occasion of Launching, Shanghai’s Vice Mayor Wu King also made a video call from the world’s first 5G phone Huawei Mate X. Wu King told that after the service starts completely, users will start getting this service without changing the number.

The USA Think Huawei Is Not Safe

Huawei, a Chinese company with a revenue of $ 100 billion, is facing Trouble to the 5G trials in many countries including the US. The US says that China can use the hawaii network for espionage.   The United States had also tried to put pressure on the allies that not taking part in the expansion of the 5G mobile network with the help of Huawei. what do you think about Huawei devices? huawei sold our Data To China or not? Say us in a comment. 


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