Spotify 2020 Wrapped offers information about your listening habits throughout the year

Spotify 2020 Wrapped offers information about your listening habits throughout the year

Spotify 2020 Wrapped is available to eligible users and offers a look at their listening habits for the last 11 months. It’s exclusive to the Spotify mobile app on Android and iOS, and provides information on artists, songs, genres, and podcasts that a user has listened to this year. There are some new features in the 2020 version of Wrapped such as quizzes, Story of Your 2020 feature, podcast delving, new badges, custom playlists, and Wrapped for non-Spotify users.

Every year, Spotify Wrapped releases for its users so they can look back at their listening history for the year. Share information on which artist listened to the most, which song listened to the most and how many times, their preferred genre, podcasts and more This year, for 2020 wrapped, Spotify has added six new features. Users can take quizzes to test their abilities “to predict the best podcasts, artists, and even the best decade you streamed the most.”

The Story of Your 2020 feature shows your title song’s journey through the year from its first broadcast to its 100th. It also shows all the remarkable things that have happened to that song. Podcast listeners will have access to information like how many minutes they spent listening to a podcast and the most binge-worthy podcast of the year.

Spotify Premium users will receive titles or badges based on how they listened. For example, Spotify explained that if a user’s playlists get a significant number of followers, the user will be crowned ‘Tastemaker’. The ‘Pioneer’ badge will be awarded to users who have heard a song before it reaches 50,000 views. Additionally, the new custom playlists feature will collect your best songs as well as ‘missed hits’ – Spotify recommended songs from 2020 that you didn’t listen to, but might like.

Spotify Wrapped is also open to non-Spotify users. People who are not subscribed to Spotify can see the latest global trends in the header here. It will showcase the most-played artist, the most-played song, the best personal care playlists, and the world’s most listened to decade.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is only available in the app at Android and ios.


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