Sweden’s Huawei 5G Ban Faces Criticism From Ericsson CEO: Report

Sweden’s Huawei 5G Ban Faces Criticism From Ericsson CEO: Report

Ericsson’s CEO said Sweden’s decision to ban China’s Huawei from its 5G telecommunications networks restricts free competition and trade, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.

Swedish telecoms regulator PTS halted earlier this month 5G spectrum auctions after suspended cut partsĀ of their decision that they had excluded Huawei of 5G networks on national security risks.

The CEO of the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Borje Ekholm He said it was important to have open markets and free competition.

“I belong to that category that believes that competition makes us a better company in the long term. It can be painful in the short term, but in the long term it drives us to be more innovative and make better products for our customers,” he said.

Ericsson has won contracts from the top three operators in China to supply radio equipment for 5G networks, while Nokia has not won any 5G radio contracts in a highly competitive market.

Huawei, which has denied being a national security risk, has appealed against Sweden’s decision to exclude it from 5G networks.

China’s Foreign Ministry has said that Sweden should address its incorrect decision to ban Huawei and ZTE to avoid a negative impact on Swedish companies in China.

Ekholm told FT that he expected the overall rollout of new telecom networks to be delayed, adding that the political focus in Europe should be on rolling out 5G as quickly as possible.

“Think 4G, the debate in Europe was: what is the killer app? The Americans and Chinese launched 4G faster and the consumer app economy is now dominated by American and Chinese companies,” he said.

“5G is going to be the same but for companies. Slowing down the launch of 5G is a risk for the economy. Europe runs the risk of being left behind again.”


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