How to Download Instagram Reel Videos and Save To Your Phone

Instagram Reels: How to Download Reels Video and Save on Your Phone

It’s a new day and no, the TikTok ban has not been lifted. Instead, Facebook-owned Instagram launched a new feature called Reels, which is basically a clone for making short TikTok-style videos. TikTok made downloading and sharing videos really easy, but Instagram Reels didn’t. In this article, we will tell you how to download instagram … Read more

How to remove sound from WhatsApp videos before uploading

How to Remove Sound From WhatsApp Videos Before Uploading Them

WhatsApp has been adding many useful features recently, and one of them allows you to remove audio from videos before sending them in chats or adding them to WhatsApp status. The feature is currently rolling out to Android. The video mute feature can be useful if you want to share a video on WhatsApp without … Read more

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, iPhone

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone

WhatsApp has a ton of good features, but one thing that is still missing is the ability to schedule WhatsApp messages. If you want to remember to wish someone on their birthday, or you just want to message during business hours instead of pinging someone in the middle of the night, scheduling messages helps a … Read more

Instagram Tips and Tricks to Master the Social Network

Instagram: Tips and Tricks to Master the Social Network

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks. There is a lot more to it than just posting photos and videos. You can use it to edit photos and save them without posting, decorating your profile with special fonts, scheduling photos and videos, and much more. In this list of Instagram tricks, we … Read more