How to download Windows 11 on your PC and laptop

Windows 11 is here to bring you the best experience Microsoft has designed this year. The new operating system is promised to start rolling out as a free update for Windows 10 users later this year. But if you can’t wait and are looking for a way to download Windows 11 right away, you can … Read more

How to connect Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S Controller with other devices

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launched in November last year and the new console also comes with a new controller. The Xbox Series S / X controller not only works with the current generation of Microsoft consoles, but also with the previous generation, among other devices. The new controller is more of an … Read more

Lenovo ThinkBook 13x, ThinkBook Plus 2 Price and specifications

Lenovo ThinkBook 13x, ThinkBook Plus 2 Laptops With 2.5K Displays, 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs Launched

The Lenovo ThinkBook 13x and Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2 laptop models were launched in China on Thursday, June 3. They are equipped with 11th generation Intel Core CPUs, but not the latest H-series CPUs. Both models have 13.3-inch 2.5K displays with slim bezels. The ThinkBook Plus 2 also has an additional e-ink screen on top … Read more

How to Convert Word to PDF for Free

How to Convert Word to PDF for Free

PDF is one of the most popular file formats, from government circulars to e-books. We already showed you how to convert PDF to Word, and now we will show you how to convert Word to PDF. Word to PDF is a relatively easy conversion because there are really simple Word to PDF converters available. You … Read more

Microsoft Word: transcribe or dictate audio with Word online

Microsoft Word: Transcribe or Dictate Audio With Word Online

Microsoft Word is a great writing app, but we’ve always wanted an easy way to convert speech to the text within this app. As journalists, we spend far too much time transcribing recorded audio from interviews and even converting voice memos into written text. Microsoft recently released a new feature for Word with which you … Read more

How to Protect a word document with a password

how to password protect a word document

If your workflow involves storing confidential information in Microsoft Word or other Office applications, you may want to consider password-protecting your documents. For example, you may need to store a Word document that contains confidential information in a public folder so that others can easily access it. In this case, you should probably encrypt the … Read more