How to use Google Docs offline: two ways to create and edit documents without the Internet

How to Use Google Docs Offline: Two Ways to Create, Edit Documents Without Internet

Google Docs is popularly known for creating documents that you can edit and share online. However, did you know that there is also a way to access the service offline? When you don’t have internet access and want to edit a document, you can always get the job done. Google Docs works offline and is … Read more

YouTube Playlist: How to Download YouTube Videos in Bulk

YouTube Playlist: How to Download YouTube Videos in Bulk

YouTube is the go-to video platform for watching movie trailers, launch events, music videos, game broadcasts, and more. But in the times when you don’t have internet access, you can always rely on watching YouTube offline, that is, saving them locally on your device. In January, we already told you about Ways to Download YouTube … Read more

How to Protect a word document with a password

how to password protect a word document

If your workflow involves storing confidential information in Microsoft Word or other Office applications, you may want to consider password-protecting your documents. For example, you may need to store a Word document that contains confidential information in a public folder so that others can easily access it. In this case, you should probably encrypt the … Read more