Tata Steel, South Korea’s POSCO to jointly develop Hyperloop tubes

Tata Steel, South Korea’s POSCO to jointly develop Hyperloop tubes

Tata Steel Europe and South Korea’s POSCO will collaborate to develop the steel tubes required for Hyperloop high-speed conveying systems, the companies said on Monday.

By Richard Branson Virgin Hyperloop on Sunday finished the world’s first passenger journey on its levitation capsule system, which it hopes will transform the transport of people and cargo while reducing carbon emissions.

Tata Steel Europe, a unit of India’s Tata Steel, said in a joint statement with POSCO, the world’s fifth-largest steelmaker, that they would develop the high-quality grades of steel needed for the huge vacuum tubes that enable the transportation of high speed with very little energy.

“POSCO has been conducting hyperloop-related research such as the feasibility, design and structural optimization of various types of steel pipe for more than 10 years,” said Duk-Lak Lee, director of technical research laboratories at POSCO.

Not only must the steel tubes allow a vehicle to travel in a low-pressure environment, where air is removed to reduce drag, they must also maintain straightness over very long distances, the companies said.

They did not give a time frame or financial details for their hyperloop project.

In a hyperloop system, which uses magnetic levitation to allow for near-silent travel, a trip between New York and Washington would take just 30 minutes. That would be twice as fast as a commercial jet flight and four times as fast as a high-speed train.


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