Telegram finally allows users to make group video calls

Telegram finally allows users to make group video calls

Telegram has finally introduced group video calling more than a year after initially announcing its arrival. Mobile device, tablet, and desktop users can use the upgrade to transform their group audio chats into video conference calls. London-based instant messaging app’s new move takes on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple’s FaceTime. In addition to group video calls, Telegram has brought some changes at the interface level through the latest update. These changes include the addition of animated backgrounds, new message sending animations, and new animated emoji. The updated Telegram also includes a special menu button for bots.

Telegram group video calls

The most significant change that Telegram What the update brings is the ability to allow users to turn their group audio conversations into video calls. Users need to tap the camera icon in a group audio call to turn on their video. Once enabled, you can pin one of your party members to see their video upfront. Telegram has also provided the option to share your screen, and even your camera and screen feed simultaneously.

Tablet and desktop users get additional support during video calls, where they can open the side panel and see a split-screen view of the video grid and participant list. It will be optimized for both portrait and landscape orientation, Telegram saying in a blog post.

On desktops, users will also have the ability to share their screens selectively. This means that users can stream only an individual show during their group video calls rather than showing the rest of the entire screen. This is similar to how you can share a particular screen from your desktop when using Zoom.

Desktop users will also get automatically pinned members when they share their screens. Additionally, voice chats will be available on desktops in a separate window to allow users to type and speak without leaving their other important tasks.

Telegram now also allows users to make group voice calls with an unlimited number of participants. However, the option to make group video calls is currently limited to the first 30 people who join a conversation on the platform. This means that you cannot add more than 29 members to your group video calls on Telegram. However, Telegram has promised to increase that limit soon.

In April of last year, Telegram announced his plans for the first time to bring group video calls to the platform. CEO Pavel Durov in April this year said that the new option would be available from May. However, now it has finally been released for mobile and desktop users.

Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp has had support for group video calls for some time. However, Telegram users have received the feature with improvements, including screen sharing to give them an edge over WhatsApp, the world’s leading messaging app. Facebook inserted screen sharing in your Messenger app last year.

Telegram has also enabled improved noise suppression in voice chats to make the audio clearer. However, users can disable noise suppression if they intentionally want some of the ambient noise to leak into the call.

Telegram animated backgrounds, message animations

Telegram also has brought some new interface-level changes as part of its latest update. These changes include animated backgrounds with multi-color gradient wallpapers, which are algorithmically generated and move every time you send a message. You can also create your animated backgrounds by selecting various colors and patterns. Once created, you can share your background with your contacts.

The update has also enabled animation effects that appear when you send a message. You will also notice new animation effects when sending media files via Telegram. Ios users have received two new gradient app icons available to access via Settings > Appearance in the app.

Users who usually use stickers and emojis in communication have also been taken into account since the update allows them to import stickers and brings new animated emojis.

For iOS devices, there is also a new login reminder that will appear in Settings that allows you to update your phone number quickly. Android Users will receive a similar login reminder in the next update.

The latest Telegram update has also introduced a menu button specifically for bots. Users can navigate and send commands with a single tap instead of typing commands in the text box.

You can get the updated Telegram on your device by downloading its latest version. It is available to download on iOS via the App Store and Android through Google Play Store. Desktop users can also download the update directly from the Telegram site.


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