Telegram launches an update that brings the function of multiple pinned messages

Telegram launches an update that brings the function of multiple pinned messages

The latest Telegram update adds the feature of pinning multiple messages, an improved live location, and sharing music as a playlist. The functions are available in version 7.2 of the application which is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The update also comes with new animated emojis and will allow administrators to view the statistics of the posts on the channel.

The new features were announced by Telegram in a blog post. Updating multiple messages will allow users to pin multiple messages to each chat, as the name suggests. Pinned messages only worked in channels and groups until this update. Tapping the top bar multiple times will help users jump between multiple pinned messages. There is also a new button at the top right that will display all your pinned messages from the chat on a separate page.

Telegram version 7.2 it also has an improved live location feature, which allows you to set an alert when a friend shares their live location; You will also be notified when it is near your location. There are also icons on the live location map that will show you which way the friend is looking.

Another new feature is related to music sharing. When multiple songs are sent at the same time, they will be arranged together in a playlist, making them easier to listen to, comment on, and forward. Opening one of the songs will queue them up in Telegram’s built-in media player. Songs will also display in a single chat bubble when submitted together, but it is also possible to select each track individually.

Telegram version 7.2 will allow administrators to view statistics for individual posts on channels. This even includes a list of public channels that your post has been forwarded to. More animations for messaging and changing songs have also been added in the music player. Telegram has also released some special Halloween animated emojis and a special slot machine emoji.

Android users will be able to edit and submit an image they have received immediately, rather than having to download and upload it again. They can tap the brush button while viewing the photo to drag or add stickers to it.


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