The Google Fit Wear operating system update will begin rolling out this week

The Google Fit Wear operating system update will begin rolling out this week

Google Fit on Wear OS is set to get new updates including better workout tracking and new metric customization. Last week, Google announced some major changes to the Google Fit app on Android and iOS, as well as Wear OS. Now, the tech giant has detailed all the improvements and new features that Google Fit will receive in Wear OS. The changes will begin rolling out this week to the Google Fit app on Wear OS.

Announcing updates, Google wrote on a support page that training tracking for Use OS it will now be a “simpler user experience” on Google Fit, and there is also a new design to boot. Key metrics will be visible early on during workouts now, with two tiles dedicated to your performance. You can swipe right to access media controls and settings in the middle of a workout. Google fit it will also allow you to receive an alert for every kilometer / mile crossed during a workout and will also show you your split time at a glance.

Training performance metrics such as calories, steps, time, and heart points can be changed to keep track of what is most important to you. You can check the metrics located at the top of your screen quickly. The Google Fit update also allows you to set a target distance, calorie count, steps, or heart point targets for each workout. You can get continuous updates on your progress for the same. Daily goal notifications for heart points and steps will also encourage you to celebrate your goal achievement.

The new Breathe Tile, another to update Google had briefly referred to last week providing easier access to guided breathing meditation. Once done, you can view a summary that will show you how your heart rate changed between the start and end of the workout. You can also choose to view a summary of your breathing sessions for the week.

The Google Fit Wear operating system update will allow you to activate Touch Lock directly from your training to avoid accidental touches. You will still be able to use the buttons on your portable device to pause, resume, and switch screens with this enabled. Press and hold the power button to disable touch lock. Your watch must have the latest version of the Wear OS system for this feature to be available.


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