The Google Home app gets an intuitive user interface with multiple speakers and routine triggers

The Google Home app gets an intuitive user interface with multiple speakers and routine triggers

The Google Home app receives a new update, which includes a more intuitive user interface that allows you to easily control playback in multiple rooms or multiple speakers. The new update also resets the wizard routine triggers through the app. Each routine within the app now has a play button next to it, and you can even choose the device on which the routine should start. The latest update to the Google Home app also brings a new preferred activities feature that allows you to increase Wi-Fi performance on specific chosen activities.

The last Google home page updates the version of beats to 2.31 and brings with it a number of new features. Most notable is a new intuitive user interface for music controls for multi-room, multi-speaker setups. This new user interface lets you easily decide which speaker should play music, and the app also lets you control the volume of that speaker. You can easily play music on multiple speakers at the same time and control their volume individually. Before this update, the Google Home app had a card-based media control interface that was an upgrade from the previous one, but still made setting up multiple speakers a cumbersome process. This new intuitive user interface is a huge step forward.

Google Home v2.31 also allows you to activate routines through the application. Previously, they could only be activated through the Google Assistant. Now the Google Home app has routines with a play button next to it. There is also a routine shortcut button on the home page. Clicking on it will bring up a list of workouts that users can activate, and they can also select the device they prefer to start the workout on and customize it to their preferences.

Apart from this, 9to5Google reports The Google Home app update also brings a new Preferred Activities feature that allows certain activities to perform better than others through better Wi-Fi performance. Currently, this section only has the Games option, but Google is expected to add more activities in this section in the future.


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