The Mmhmm ​​app that enhances your virtual meetings is now widely available

The Mmhmm ​​app that enhances your virtual meetings is now widely available

Mmhmm, the video camera app that was released in beta by former Evernote CEO Phil Libin in July, is now available to Mac users. The app debuted around the time virtual meetings were in a new height, due to the coronavirus outbreak in global markets. Although Libin decided to go for an invitation-only private beta model to test Mmhmm ​​before its public release, the app generated a waiting list of over 100,000 people around the world within a month of its launch.

Available as a free download, Mmmm allows users improve your virtual meetings with a list of background effects. It also comes with the ability to add slides to video calls to make them appear like a TV show. Additionally, users can utilize features including a laser pointer to further enhance their conversations with clients and office colleagues.

In addition to virtual effects and overlay functions, Mmhmm ​​can enhance virtual meetings with Copilot, where two people can show slides and presentations together. There is also a feature called Dynamic Rooms in which users can add animated backgrounds based on the meeting theme.

Specifically in its general availability, Mmhmm ​​has brought in a Big Hand mode that makes virtual communication even easier, giving a way to highlight key announcements in a meeting. However, the new feature is initially limited to Mac machines running on macOS Big Sur.

Mmhmm ​​you get a Big Hand mode that lets you highlight something important in your virtual meetings
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Libin and his team at San Francisco-based AI studio All Turtles offer Mmhmm ​​as a “freemium” model where users must pay $ 99.99 (roughly Rs. 7,500) a year or $ 9 , 99 (approximately Rs. 700) a month to get full access. to a Premium Toolkit. This includes customizable rooms, presenter controls, and features like laser pointers.

As an introductory offer, users will get a seven-day free trial of the Premium Toolkit by downloading the Mmhmm ​​app. However, premium features will be purchased at one hour each day after completing the initial seven days.

However, the basic version of the Mmhmm ​​app will allow users to video chat, record, collaborate, and present using a default background and simple presentation mode. The team is also not in development of bringing ads or other forms of monetization.

However, there are plans to bring Mmhmm’s creative services to offer bespoke rooms, slides, presentation training, and production support. These could be of great use to companies and corporate clients.

To support the growing model of online education, Mmhmm ​​is making its Premium Toolkit free for one year to students and educators. They just need to email [email protected] from their school’s official email address to get free access.

The Mmhmm ​​application is compatible with Mac machines running on at least macOS 10.14 Mojave. Is available for download via the Mmhmm ​​website and, once downloaded, can be used on meeting platforms, including Focus and Google Meet like any other virtual camera. Also, a Windows version of the Mmhmm ​​application is in the works, but there are no official details on its arrival.


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