Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes While Using a Smartphone

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes While Using a Smartphone. Using a smartphone for a long time causes tiredness in the eyes or damage to the eyes. However, without a mobile life, life is very difficult now. You do not need to sacrifice your eyes. However, there is a lot of ways that you can save your eyes while using your smartphone. So let’s know the five best ways.

Use Anti-Glare Screen Protector Most mid-range, and high-end smartphones come with anti-glare screens only. But if you do not have one go immediately and take one. Anti-Glare Screen is not expensive, but its use can make a great difference as it lowers the Blue Lights going into our eyes.

Suppose you do not want to take anti-glare screens. You can use Bluelight Filter Eye Eye for Android App. It also reduces the amount of Blue Lights going in the eyes, but it does not work as an anti-glare screen

Protect your eyes while using smartphone

1. Often blinking/pouring water into eyes. 

While running a desktop, it is often called blinking, but it is also necessary to do this in a smartphone. By constantly looking at the screen, your eye goes to dry, and the natural way to moisten it is to flip the eyelids. This reduces the negative effects of Screen Radiation. And if you spray water in your eyes, then your eye remains even more.

2. Adjust the brightness, Contrast and text size.

Brightness, Contrast and Text Size are three such aspects which affect our eyes most. Brightness and Contrast If it is too much or too little, then both are harmful to our eyes. You can use common sense to adjust them like using an app to adjust brightness.

Please do not keep the text size too small as it puts the eyes in tension and decreases the distance of the viewing. Generally, the bigger text is better.

3. Keep your smartphone’s screen clean. 

The finger of your hand is always on the screen of the smartphone, so it does not have any objection that it gets messy. And she is not just messy but puts too much stress on your eyes. Take a soft cloth and always keep the screen of your smartphone clean.

4. Keep the right distance from the smartphone screen. 

Another reason is that the tension in the eyes is that you keep your smartphone very close to your eyes. The smartphone should keep the eyes at a distance of 16 to 18 inches, but it is not always possible to do so, so try to keep your smartphone in the distance from the eyes as long as possible. 

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