Top 8 Best PUBG Mobile Tips

Hi, everyone welcomes to technical hint. Today I am going to tell you about the Top 8 Best PUBG Mobile Tips. We all know how popular the PUBG Mobile Game is. If you are also thinking of playing PUBG games on your smartphone or playing it already, this article can be very helpful because this article will tell you about the 05+ Best PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks. With the help of this, You can win, or you can increase your chances of winning.

While playing this game on a smartphone, many things have to be kept in mind, and you have to be cautious. Only then can you be a winner in this game. Let you know about some of the tips that will help you to stay in the PUBG Mobile Game until the end. If you play pubg, then you may know some of the information you already but there are some tips you might not know about. Let’s see some tips and tricks in pubg games.

1. Use Headphone

You have to use headphones while playing PUBG Mobile Game. If you use headphones, you can hear the sounds of your enemy bullets, the sound of their walking, and easily find that the voice is right from or from which side, and then you can save yourself. Also, take corrective action and kill your enemies easily, so if possible, use headphones while playing PUBG Mobile Game.

2. safety From vehicles

If you play PUBG Mobile Game a lot, you might have noticed that the enemy kills us with the car’s help many times, and we get lost in the game. I am going to tell you a simple way to help you survive. Whenever they come to hit you from a car, you have to lie down, and you will be saved.

3. Change the controls

During the play from the smartphone, it is very important to have control of the game, so when you play PUBG, go to the settings of the game and set the control panel according to your need to give you better performance. In the pubg, the control panel can make the icon bigger, customize it accordingly. Some smartphones use more of the user’s right hand, so some users left, so you set the control panel,

(Top 8 Best PUBG Mobile Tips for you)

4. Lock The Door

A small tip that can be very useful to you is that whenever you go inside a house, you have to close the door after going inside, which will happen that whenever an enemy comes in, he will think that there is no one inside. Then you can kill that enemy by being aware of his arrival or by the sound of the door.

5. backpack

While playing the PUBG Mobile Game, we get many accessories, many of them are very useful, but some things are not as helpful. Many players make these mistakes that they mostly pick up all the stuff and move on. You do not have to make this mistake; it is only to pick up those things which are useful. Whenever you pick up stuff, there is a background of yellow color in many things, it means that it is helpful for you, so whenever you pick up a bag, pick up the accessories with a yellow background.

6. Get the right arms

While playing PUBG, we get many weapons, but using these weapons properly, you can easily hit the enemy in front. You must first know about arms/guns etc. What guns should be used when the enemy is away or near? You should know about all this. Then you can kill the enemy.

(Top 8 Best PUBG Mobile Tips for you)

7. Use eye Icon

In Best PUBG Mobile Tips, The next tips are using the eye icon. In the PUBG Mobile Game, the eye icon is given on the screen, with the help of this, we can easily look around. Many users do not use this option, due to which the back attacks many times enemies, so use this option to know where your enemies are.

8. Only when you’re in range

When playing this game, you need to keep in mind that the enemy is within the range of your gun or not before shooting it. If the enemy is away, do not shoot unnecessarily because your enemies will know about you. This tip will prove to be very useful at the end of the game.

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